occasion [ə kā′zhən, ōkā′zhən]
[ME occasioun < OFr < L occasio, accidental opportunity, fit time < occasus, pp. of occidere, to fall < ob- (see OB-) + cadere, to fall: see CASE1]
1. a favorable time or juncture; opportunity
2. a fact, event, or state of affairs that makes something else possible [a chance meeting was the occasion of the renewal of their friendship]
3. a cause or reason [you have no occasion to be angry]
a) a happening; occurrence
b) the time at which something happens; particular time [on the occasion of our last meeting]
5. a special time or event, suitable for celebration
6. need arising from circumstances
7. [pl.]
a) Obs. needs; requirements
b) Archaic affairs; business
to be the occasion of; give occasion to; cause
on occasion
once in a while; sometimes; occasionally
rise to the occasion
to do whatever suddenly becomes necessary; meet an emergency
take the occasion or take occasion
to use the opportunity (to do something)

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